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04 August 2006 @ 11:50 am

Lolz these past few days have been goooood :]

Wednesday went round Beckys. We spent most of the time when I was round there watching The Mighty Boosh (which I have seemed to get her a little obsessed with XD)

Yesterday went to town with Hannah. She spent a lot and I didnt XD Well I bought a shirt and a headband from New Look but that was about it really. I had to spend my last bit of birthday money that I had.
Then after she came back to mine. And for some reason I had the urge to get out our Harry Enfield video hahaha. So we watched that and lolled.
Hahaha I found a quote from the Kaiser Chiefs DVD. "Sophistication? Sophistication? I've been to Leeds!" I was like "HAHAHA THATS WHERE ITS FROM!" XD
Personal favourites are "The Old Gits" and of course "The Slobs" 
Lolz I used to watch that video all the time when I was like 7 haha even though it had words like "wanker" "bollocks" "bastard" and all the rest XD

Sometime next week me and Hannah should be going to town with Debby :] Who I havnt properly seen for about a month or two and Hannah cant even remember the last time she saw her. Should be good fun!

Sunday going down south for a BBQ at my aunt and uncles country house in Wiltshire and Monday should be going near Southampton to see family so kinda busy these next few weeks. Weekend after its my cousins christening and the day before I think we have a party to go to.
And then the Tuesday after SOUTHEND :D

Thing is I dont want these next few weeks to come because that means it's closer to my GCSE results o___o EEP!

Anyhoo i'm gunna piss off now and watch The Fast Show.

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Current Music: The Ordinary Boys -Nine2Five
Dominigue: employment_gamehullabalo_o on August 4th, 2006 01:45 pm (UTC)

for the fast show

and i can say that line from Harry Enfield me and ammy kept on going on about it
captain tatty bojangles: W.A.S: Chris and Keith Magazinepack_ofsmokes on August 4th, 2006 04:08 pm (UTC)
I've been watching it for the past 5 hours or so XD "Ohhh bugger" lolz

I never knew I had that line on video haha it brought a smile to my face.