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captain tatty bojangles
22 April 2006 @ 11:23 am
[mood| tired ]

Kaiser Chiefs were awesome last night yet again :]
We didnt leave Chelmsford till like nearly 6pm and Emily was panicking about missing the Polysics.
Mum forgot we were going and stuff so she was at Sainsburys and came home at like half 5 and we were a bit pissed off and plus we had to pick up Emilys mate Cat
Quite funny on the train. As there was no seats whatsoever as it was during rush hour, we had to sit like in the bit between the carraiges, right by the door and loos XD
Didnt get to London till like half 6 so Emily was getting a bit panicky if she missed the Polysics as thats the main reason she went.

Got to the Ally Pally at like half 7 and Polysics were on then as Emily was screaming "I CAN SEE THE JAPANESY LIGHTS I CAN HEAR IT I CAN HEAR IT!" XD
Some guy told us they had been on for like 10 minutes :\
I love the Polysics I doooo :] They are bloody awesome and I couldnt tell if the bass player with the afro was a guy or a girl XD
I missed my favourite Polysics song "New Wave Jacket" :(. Cat didnt think the keyboardist was real XD

When Graham Coxon came on there were some absolute wankers near us. The thing that really pissed off Emily was one guy was like "GET OFF THE STAGE YOU INDIE CUNT!" then as soon as Freakin Out came on he was like "OOOH I LIKE THIS SONG! I didnt know he sung this" >:| Oh well he was really gooood!
Then we saw a guy in a burberry hat there...so blates a chav. There was quite a lot there last night..
Went to get drinks after..that took us like nearly half an hour O_o Emily got gasped and stared at in the queue as she went "I dont really like the Kaiser Chiefs that much" XD Haha she thought she was gunna get beaten up!

Kaisers then came on about ten minutes after we got drinks :] :]
They started with "Everyday I Love You Less And Less" which was one of the songs I was meant to call Becky during but as it was the first song I didnt.
So they pretty much the whole album (apart from Team Mate cause they dont play that live I dont think), three new songs and "Sink That Ship" and "Take My Temperature" :]
I loved during Na Na Na Na Naa they got on three people to sing it. One was this girl who looked about 8 at least, another about 16 and some guy who was about that age. I loved the little girl though bless her ^_^ And then she was picked up and carried off stage by Ricky. The boy though..was trying a little too hard.
I didnt like the fucking twats infront of us at all. During Caroline Yes a lot of them thought it would be a good idea to get on each others shoulders so the people behind them coudlnt see a thing. Cue a lot of people chucking beer on them, Emily pulling one of the girls pants down and throwing cups at their heads XD We were also made to do the mexican wave. Which was fun :] Rcky was like "FOLLOW ME!" and he would run from one side of the stage to the other!
I remember a few things they said:
Ricky: *book gets thrown on stage* Were not Maximo Park!
Nick: I have to talk to you all as Ricky is tying up his shoelaces
Ricky: *during introductions* ANDREW WHITE...I MEAN SIMON RIX! 
Also when Nick was introducing Ricky he mentioned about him being on Never Mind The Buzzcocks XD
OMGZZZ ALSO! During "What Did I Ever Give You?" somone threw a pair of pants on stage and they landed on Rickys head XD I WAS ACTUALLY PISSING MYSELF SO HARD WITH LAUGHTER AT THAT BIT! HE JUST STOOD THERE AND KEPT THEM ON HIS HEAD FOR A BIT XD LOLZZZ!
I called Becky during Saturday Night. We refer to it as "fat one" and she said to call her during EILYLAL aka "thrust" but I didnt as it was the first song
Called Rose during I Predict A Riot. I was all like "PLEASE PICK UP! PLEAAAASE"
Emily also poured coke on two annoying girls who just barged through the crowd. But got other people in the process XD

Coming out at the end I realised my purse got nicked >__< So we waited around to see if we could go look for it but there was no luck. There was nothing much in there anyway. Only about £4, my card and my travelcard so I had to cancel my card this morning and but more tickets to get me home last night, using mums money!
Also to add to that we waited for over an hour for a bus to come get us outside Ally Pally, 5 buses went past us and there was enough to fit ten people in it >:O
Emily resorted booking a two mini cabs for everyone so they could chip in with the fare and stuff. But then 5 minutes later a bus came O_o
There were drunk people on the tube wearing Kaiser pants. This one woman made everyone sing Music Man XD
Next line we got on there was a fight going on in one carraige O_o
Emily saw a gay guy from her college so he sat with us on the train and there were some people next to us from Chelmsford that had also been to the gig. We never found out his name, he was on the phone a lot. He even answered the phone with "Hello slag" XD And he was all like "I'm sitting with people who have seen the Kaiser Chiefs" XD

We didnt get home till about 2 due to all the shitty transport and stuff.
I didnt get to see Maysie hullabalo_o either as she was all the way at the front on the opposite side and plus I had to stay with Emily all the time so yeah. I sent a her a text this morning to tell her about it so I hope she understood.
I REALLY WANNA GO AGAIN >__< Cause tonight The Automatic are supporting god dammit XD
Havnt decided if it was better than Brixton but yes awesome :]

Despite all the stuff at the end and the beginning (due to being late and everything) it was an awesome night.
Pictures and stuff wont be up till like tomorrow due to Emily probably taking the camera to The Mighty Boosh tonight!
I still never put pictures up from We Are Scientists O_o

I keep editing this entry...mainly cause stuff is coming back to me XD
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